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I've been to 5 other suboxone clinics excluding this one, and NONE is close to being as amazing as this one. Treatment doesn't get more convenient and comfortable than these guys. I sincerely have not one negative comment to give.
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NAS Patient

What is An Online Suboxone Clinic?

An online suboxone clinic is a medical clinic that uses telemedicine or telehealth to provide clinical opioid addiction treatment services remotely, allowing you to treat your opioid addiction from the comfort of your home with supervision and strict monitoring by an addiction specialist (online suboxone doctor or provider).

National Addiction Specialists’ online suboxone clinic offers suboxone prescriptions, medication, monitoring services, behavioral health therapies with psychiatric medical providers, one on one and group counseling, peer recovery support, social support including help with housing and employment, and other forms of support including referral to other ASAM levels of care.

To determine the best course of action, it is recommended to properly examine the services and policies of any online suboxone clinic you are considering for opioid use disorder treatment. National Addiction Specialists dedicated patient coordinator is here to walk you through the on-boarding process to become a new patient and receive medication assisted treatment (MAT).

Effectiveness of an Online Suboxone Clinic for Opioid-Use Disorder

The effectiveness of an online suboxone clinic varies depending on a number of criteria, including:

  • the expertise of the medical providers
  • the expertise of the counselors
  • the patient’s specific needs and circumstances
  • the medical director’s treatment strategy
  • administration’s vision and implementation of cutting-edge technology

Telemedicine has been found to be at least as effective as in-person treatment (research study by Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment). Telemedicine has also been through studies to increase patient retention and decrease both non-fatal and fatal overdoses, thus decreasing mortality vs in-person treatment with medication assisted treatment (MAT).

"I've been in recovery for 7 almost 8 years now so I've been to several clinics before but I have never had one issue with this program." - Brandy B(2022)
"NAS has to be the best program I've ever been involved in. They really do care about their patients." - Adam W (2022)
"The NAS clinic has turned my life around. I am so grateful to the staff for being so nice and encouraging and helpful. They truly saved my life." - Jaime W. (2022)
"Love this clinic. They treat you like your a human being an not just an addict and it's hard to find that any were anymore." - Kayla K. (2022)
"This staff actually cares about helping people with our disease and it shows and its not about money, its about helping those in need!" - Wes G. (2022)

National Addiction Specialists Online Suboxone Clinic

Stabilization of functioning: Our Suboxone clinic hopes we can assist the patient in becoming drug-free. Some addiction risks are genetic, which means anyone whose family members are addicted to heroin should consider themselves also at risk. Young people need to understand their particular risk of becoming addicted, even to alcohol or marijuana, as research shows that the earlier a person uses a substance, the more likely they are to become addicted.

When the patient improves, the family may have more time because they no longer need to help the person. It is an excellent time for family members to focus on themselves and seek treatment also (individually or as a family).

Opioid Addiction Treatment Online Clinic

Common barriers to opioid addiction recovery that online suboxone clinic can help

National Addiction Specialists' online suboxone clinic for opioid addiction treatment utilizes a holistic approach that includes ongoing counseling sessions to assist patients in overcoming both emotional and physical barriers to addiction recovery such as;

NAS Online Suboxone Clinic maintains a judgment-free zone that supports and understands your specific situation and challenges.

We encourage you to fully cooperate and build trust in us to collaborate on the individualized treatment best suited to your needs.

Online suboxone clinic, support and recovery

Online suboxone clinics can provide patients with a safe and convenient way to receive opioid addiction treatment. These clinics offer the same opioid suboxone treatments and assistance as physical clinics, but with the added benefit of allowing patients to receive care in their homes.

Aside from continued Suboxone treatment to achieve long-term opioid addiction recovery, Suboxone treatment patients can benefit from family support. 

It is beneficial for family members to understand that addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires ongoing care and heart/spiritual change to be successful. The family must understand the spiritual side of this struggle and how the medication works.

Family support for those receiving suboxone treatment can come in the form of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Help with practical needs - Substance abuse can significantly impact a person's daily life, and family members can provide valuable help with transportation, childcare, and other needs.
  • Provide emotional support - Addiction can be a challenging and stressful experience, and people in treatment can benefit from emotional support from loved ones. These can include listening to their concerns, offering encouragement, and providing a supportive environment.
  • Encourage continued treatment - Family members can play a role in helping to ensure that the family member in Suboxone treatment will adhere to their treatment plan, including but not limited to taking the medications as prescribed and attending counseling sessions.
  • Participation in the ongoing treatment -

     Many treatment programs encourage family members to participate in the treatment process, such as attending family therapy sessions, attending support groups, and learning about the recovery process.

It is widely recognized that family support can play an essential role in an individual's addiction treatment and recovery. It is especially true for those receiving treatment for opioid addiction, such as at the National Addiction Specialists' Suboxone clinic.


Maintenance treatment for opioid addiction is effective, but it is NOT a cure in and of itself. With regular monitoring in the program, the patient may still require the blocking dose of Suboxone. Most patients use some recovery group, such as AA or NA, to maintain sobriety. In the 1st year of recovery, some patients attend meetings every day or several times per week. These meetings work to improve treatment success besides Suboxone. Family members may have meetings, such as Al-anon, to support them in adjusting to life with a loved one who has an addiction. 


Here's what our Patients Has to Say

I am truly thankful that I found this clinic! Everyone here is very respectful, helpful, and non judgmental, which it’s amazing and really hard to find at an addiction clinic! Y’all have really saved my future and I pray I can continue the care from you all till I don’t need it anymore! Thanks for everything y’all have done!!

Amiee C. NAS Patient

Dr. Ben and staff.... Thank you for being awesome... I highly recommend anyone that is struggling with addiction to join this program.... Thank you

Jeffrey H. NAS Patient

I'm very thankful for the professional caring staff. They assisted a loved one back to health.Thank you

Todd M. NAS Patient
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    By establishing trust, convenience, and affordability with this treatment, we hope to provide the simplest path to opioid addiction rehabilitation through online suboxone treatment.

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