Telehealth Suboxone Clinic – We Accept Medicaid/TennCare

National Addiction Specialists has contracted with the state of Tennessee’s Medicaid and Medicare providers for reimbursement of services to those insured. Medicaid and Medicare will pay for the required suboxone visits.
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Dr Chad Elkin - Medical Director
National Addiction Specialists

Opioid Addiction Rehab That Accepts Suboxone Insurance

Suboxone is an opioid addiction treatment medication that is frequently covered by health insurance plans under the prescription drug benefit. The majority of health insurance plans cover Suboxone. However, specific coverage terms, such as deductibles, copays, and exclusions, can differ from plan to plan.

National Addiction Specialists is a suboxone treatment clinic that accepts Medicaid, also known as TennCare. NAS is in network with Medicaid (TennCare) plans such as: 

Opioid addiction is a serious medical condition that, if left untreated, can have serious consequences. If you are suffering from opioid addiction, you must seek treatment as soon as possible. While the cost of treatment may be an issue, many resources are available to assist you in paying for treatment, such as health insurance and financing options.

Self-Pay Option/Fee Schedule List

Intake Fee


Patient Intake Fee which includes 1 st Visit

Patient Intake Fee that includes Intake Fee, 1st medical provider visit, prescription, 1:1 counselor visit, and drug/pregnancy screens

Weekly Visits


Per Visit (Induction & Stabilization)

Prior to transitioning to monthly while in Induction or Stabilization. Usually 5 visits for Induction and Stabilization

Monthly Visits


For 1st Monthly Visit (Maintenance)

Covers 1 monthly medical provider visit, 1 counselor visit, and drug screens

Additional Monthly Visits


Per Visit (Maintenance)

If needed besides regular 1st monthly visit to see medical provider

Mental Health Visit


Per Visit

Mental Health visits are covered by Medicaid (Bluecare or Amerigroup) along with Medicare. Commercial insurance such as BCBS usually involves copays or meeting annual deductibles before visits are covered. These appointments must be scheduled separately. You will be provided that info at time of request

Don't let the cost of treatment prevent you from receiving the help you require to recover from opioid addiction.

Other Fees/Information

Labs may be billed separately. If insurance does not cover the cost of labs, the patient is responsible.

  • Each patient encounter includes a drug screen, but drug screens performed by outside companies such as Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics are the responsibility of the patient/insurance patient’s company.
  • Financial assistance is available on an individual basis and may result in lower fees.  Depending on the situation. For more information, please contact the Office Manager.
  • Suboxone prices vary between pharmacies. Medicaid covers generic Buprenorphine/naloxone  medication. Medicaid may only cover one prescription per month, so if you are seeing multiple doctors,
  • You may have to pay for the additional prescriptions more frequently than once a month.
  • The majority of commercial Insurance carriers provide copays or yearly deductibles.

Suboxone Telemedicine Treatment That Accepts Medicaid (TennCare)

Telemedicine Suboxone treatment is covered by most insurance carriers and Medicaid (TennCare), which will cover the full cost of treatment for Tennessee residents. 

Online Suboxone Treatment - Opioid Addiction Treatment using phone

Online Suboxone Treatment Covered by Insurance

A very efficient, low to no cost opioid addiction treatment program offered by NAS allows you to hold a video conference call from any location by simply dialing your service provider. National Addiction Specialists is a telemedicine Suboxone Clinic that takes insurance.