Our goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment with a multi-disciplinary team of addiction specialists to empower individuals suffering from substance use disorders to take control of their lives and achieve a life free from the harms of substance use. 

We use cutting-edge technology that is convenient, improves retention, decreases overdoses, and breaks down patient barriers to accessing care.

Be more at ease and comfortable sharing your recovery journey with us with online opioid addiction treatment

Individuals suffering from opioid addiction are frequently ashamed of their situation, making them hesitant to seek help or discuss their problems with others. Our providers are well-trained and committed to providing a judgment-free opioid addiction treatment environment in which you can feel safe and supported.

Remember that seeking opioid addiction treatment for opioid use disorder is a courageous and positive step and that feeling vulnerable and uncertain is normal. We make it clear that everyone is welcome, regardless of background or personal circumstances.


Why National Addiction Specialists?

Convenient Appointments

Receive a convenient way to get opioid addiction treatment with confidentiality and privacy in the comfort of your own home.

Electronic Prescriptions

Patients can receive electronic prescriptions to their pharmacy of choice after their in-home appointment without having to visit a physician's office.

Supportive Wrap-around Counseling

Feel connected and supported as you confront the challenges of opioid addiction treatment recovery with a private and judgment-free space.

Ongoing Support

In addition to a multitude of counseling options, we also encourage other supportive care such as narcotics anonymous (NA) and alcoholics anonymous (AA).

Our mission is to assist patients with overcoming their opioid addiction in the safest and most efficient way possible

Finding a supportive opioid addiction treatment program, judgment-free, and understanding your unique situation and challenges is the first step toward opioid addiction recovery.

Opioid use disorder can be a complex condition to overcome, so it is critical to approach opioid addiction treatment in a safe and evidence-based manner.

It is recommended that opioid addiction treatment be tailored to the needs of the individual, as different approaches may be more or less effective for others.

Taking this first step to recovery and gaining your life back may seem daunting, but we try to make opioid addiction treatment as stress-free as possible. Having your appointments from the comfort of your home via teleconference takes one hurdle away from getting clean and sober.
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