Patient Counseling Program

Group Addiction Counseling

Regular counseling has shown patients are more likely to succeed in full recovery from opioid addiction. Insurance companies require counseling to be included in the treatment program. Keeping counseling appointments is a key part of treatment and working together with Suboxone to improve success in addiction treatment. We offer the following weekly schedule for patients to join group counseling sessions:

Group Counseling Sessions Schedule











How to Join Patient Counseling Program for Opioid Addiction Recovery

All appointments, meetings, and counseling sessions—individual or in groups—are carried out over the phone or through telemedicine. By enabling you, the patient, to receive treatment while still at home or another convenient location, telemedicine is anticipated to result in better access to medical care while consulting with your provider.

Download the Zoom App to your phone and computer. Five to ten minutes before your Zoom appointment, click the link we sent via email or text message. Make sure your connection, audio, and video are working properly.

Here's a Quick Guide on how to use Zoom:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Group addiction counseling is a type of therapy where people with similar addiction problems come together and support one another while being supervised by a healthcare professional. This kind of therapy encourages responsibility and accountability while promoting a sense of community and support. It also aids in the development of social skills.

Most insurance companies REQUIRE at least monthly counseling to pay for your visits and medication. MEDICAID AND MOST INSURANCES REQUIRE 2 visits per month while in Induction/Stabilization Phases (USUALLY THE 1st MONTH) with one of those visits being a 1:1 visit, then at least monthly counseling while in Maintenance Phase after you transition from weekly to monthly visits.

Yes, a key component of group addiction counseling is confidentiality.

The goal of National Addiction Specialists is to create a stigma-free environment where you can openly share your experiences and circumstances without worrying about discrimination or negative stereotypes.

Privacy laws protect the information shared in the group, and the healthcare provider and other participants are required to maintain confidentiality by strict moral standards. This makes it possible for individuals to talk about their experiences with addiction and take steps toward recovery in a safe and encouraging environment.

Most insurance plans, including Medicaid, cover at least a portion of the cost of group addiction counseling. It's best to check with your insurance provider to see what your specific plan covers. For those who are unable to pay for treatment, some addiction treatment facilities may also offer other financing options. Call us now at (615) 994-1000 to learn more about NAS patient counseling program. 

More frequent counseling sessions are available for patients based on their individual counseling needs and requests. Group counseling is done via Telemedicine or Telephonics. Behavioral health counseling usually lasts 30 minutes or more in duration.
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