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Frequently Asked Questions

Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone that treats opioid dependence. The buprenorphine has a mild mimicking effect of other opioids while the naloxone blocks brain receptors to prevent any sort of high from other abuse. These drugs help curb craving and stop withdrawals. Studies show a high success rate using suboxone for recovery.

Medically supervised withdrawal is the safest way to detox from opioid dependence. Under the care of your provider, you will receive a specialized plan for you based on your use history. Patient dependence of short-acting or long-acting opioids is considered in determining if detoxification will involve direct induction or buprenorphine tapering. Each provider will make an individualized decision based on each patient’s circumstances.

Suboxone therapy occurs in three stages.

Induction – Your first telemedicine call with your provider will be learning about your history of opioid abuse to help transition you to clean life using suboxone to curb your cravings and stop your withdrawals. Your provider is fully trained to understand your level of withdrawals and dose you properly to manage your symptoms to provide relief. Any fear of this process is completely avoidable by being at your home comfortable and with knowing the level of training your provider has completed.

Stabilization – After your induction visit, you will be given a stabilization program by your provider. As with your first visit, the scheduled “return” visits will also be via telemedicine. Your provider will instruct you on the dosage of suboxone that you should take and perform his screening process to assess how you are feeling. Any changes will be made till the appropriate dose is found to provide you relief.

Maintenance – Suboxone maintenance can be very successful if the patient remains diligent with appointments and counseling. With opioid addiction, its a chronic disease meaning it requires ongoing attention and health maintenance. Your provider will work with you to determine your best plan with suboxone to insure a full recovery for you. The family has to remember other chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension also take time and resources such as seeing a physician for follow-up blood pressure checks and having to have specific foods in the house for diabetes.

Opioids are strong drugs that take their toll on the human body and mind. Additionally, it takes a toll on everyone around you that cares. Addiction is something that can be beat alone, but that’s usually an exception rather than a rule. The providers at National Addiction Specialists are trained to make you feel better while you transition away from these drugs. They are here to help these process be as safe and efficient as possible for you to move forward with your life and to give piece of mind to those that care for you.

NAS has a very effective, little to no cost program that delivers results from simply calling your provider and having a video conference call from anywhere that you want. You won’t have to come to a clinic in order to get help. If you are a Tennessee resident with Medicaid, all your costs are covered besides any tests that need to be performed. You will be treated with the same medicines that other clinics use with the same medical training. The process to sobriety isn’t easy so NAS wanted to develop a program that takes as many variables out as possible. As long as you stay on the protocols that you receive from the video conference appointments with your provider, you will find your path to overcoming this addiction.

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